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Wildfire Suppression & Standby

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Our Wildfire Management Service provides an extensive range of specialized firefighting units, designed to confront the unique challenges presented by wildfires, especially within urban and industrial interfaces. These units are equipped to manage a variety of wildfire scenarios, from rapid attack, fire line support, and cold trailing to specialized operations such as rope access and rescue.

Each unit within our service range boasts specific features designed for effective wildfire management. For instance, one of our units features a potent firefighting apparatus with a 125 GPM pump, a 500-gallon booster tank, and a 40-gallon AB foam system, ideal for rapid attack, hot-refuelling, and rescue operations. Another unit in our range is equipped with a 25 GPM pump operating at 100 PSI and a 100-gallon booster tank, optimized for specialized roles like rope access and rescue, fire line support, and cold trailing.

For each unit, standard equipment includes a choice of one from the following specialized kits: a Wildland Kit, Rope Rescue Kit, or an EMR Trauma Kit. These kits are carefully curated to address a diverse range of emergency scenarios, ensuring readiness for any operational demands during wildfire suppression and management.

In terms of staffing, every 12-hour shift across all our units is manned by two firefighters, ensuring constant readiness. Each member of our team holds internationally recognized qualifications, including NFPA 1001 – Firefighter Training, NFPA 472 – Hazardous Materials Operations Training, and NFPA 1051 – Wildland Firefighter Training.

In summary, our Wildfire Management Service, powered by a comprehensive range of firefighting units, offers a flexible and highly effective solution for protecting your operations and communities against the threat of wildfires. Our dedicated team, leveraging advanced equipment and extensive training, stands ready to protect and serve, ensuring the highest standards of safety at all times.

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