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Unlimited Safety Services

Our exceptional team consists of over 30 professionally trained emergency responders, ready to spring into action in any emergency. We provide a broad spectrum of services, from managing house fires and wildland fires to responding to motor vehicle collisions and medical emergencies. Our ability to swiftly deliver an extensive range of interior and exterior firefighting and rescue services sets us apart in our industry.

We've taken training a step further. Our unique Training Division provides hands-on, real-world experiences, with the opportunity to serve in a fully functional fire department. Our world-class instructors, active in firefighting themselves, equip our students with a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our programs are designed to stimulate diversity in learning, further solidifying our reputation in the industry.

In addition to our exceptional emergency services, we provide comprehensive safety solutions for energy companies, ensuring the highest safety standards while drilling, fracking, and servicing wells. Our presence is strongly felt across various work sites in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, where our highly trained professionals ensure the smooth running of operations.

In the realm of medical assistance, we have a solid partnership with Alberta Health Services, responding to a broad range of medical calls. Our medical aid teams, equipped with certified medical first responders, are always ready to help stabilize situations, often reaching the scene before the ambulance – a testament to our dedication and rapid response.

The heart of our success lies in our people. We employ a hybrid model, blending industrial and municipal firefighters to achieve maximum efficiency. With the majority of our staff being NFPA level 2 certified firefighters, we stand poised and ready to face any emergency situation.

Our vision is clear: deliver top-notch, timely safety services without compromise. By partnering with us, you’re assured that your safety and that of your community or organization is our priority. We maintain strict adherence to Complyworks and ISNetworld compliances, further affirming our commitment to upholding industry standards.

Choose Unlimited Safety Services - because when it comes to safety, it takes courage to go in and knowledge to get back out.

Firefighter using extinguisher or Twirl water fog type fire extinguisher to spray water fr

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Unlimited Safety Services

PO Box 1550, Onoway AB, T0E 1V0


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