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Medical Standby

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The Full Story

Our Emergency Medical Response Service, uniquely designed for the challenging environments of industrial sectors such as oil and gas, is committed to providing rapid, professional, and effective medical assistance during critical situations. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical and safety equipment, and manned by highly trained staff, our service is prepared to respond swiftly and capably to any health emergencies.

Our operation boasts extensive safety features, underscored by CVMSA and DOT certifications, ensuring our response complies with the highest safety standards. Our fleet consists of 4X4 vehicles, all equipped with GPS tracking for precise navigation and rapid response. For enhanced safety, each unit is outfitted with roll cages, further fortifying our commitment to the protection of our staff and patients.

Our medical equipment is extensive, aligned with EMR Ambulance specifications, and includes comprehensive trauma and airway management tools. We carry a spine-board, basket stretcher, splints, traction splint, and a C-size oxygen cylinder. In addition, Nalaxone, vital for emergency situations involving opioid overdoses, is an integral part of our medical kit.

We also have additional equipment to expand our emergency response capabilities. Airway and trauma kits conforming to both Basic Life Support (BLS/PCP) and Advanced Life Support (ALS/ACP) specifications are available. We also maintain traffic control/security equipment to effectively manage emergency scenarios in potentially hazardous or crowded situations.

Our standard staffing model ensures the presence of an ACP Registered Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or an equivalent provincial representative on every 12-hour shift. These personnel are expertly trained to provide immediate, skilled medical assistance when required.

Our staff holds a variety of qualifications, including ACP Registered EMR, Advanced First Aid, Occupational First Aid Level 3, and SK Registered EMR. This allows them to handle a broad range of emergency situations, providing effective and immediate care.

In summary, our Emergency Medical Response Service provides a robust and comprehensive response to medical emergencies within industrial environments. Our dedicated team, equipped with advanced equipment and supported by an array of safety measures, stands ready to protect, serve, and preserve the health and safety of your workforce at all times.

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