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H2S, Air Safety & Man Watch

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Our H2S Safety Service is a specialized operation designed to address the complex and critical demands of industries dealing with hydrogen sulfide environments, predominantly within the oil and gas sector. We deliver a comprehensive safety package that combines rigorous air supply management, state-of-the-art gas detection, sophisticated respiratory protection, and an array of auxiliary safety equipment.

Our service model employs a robust air supply system, designed considering the standard worker's consumption of 74 cu. ft. of air per hour. For standard use, we employ eight 2500psi Cascade Supply Bottles (2,400 cu. ft), while for high-demand operations, we utilize eight 4500psi Cascade Supply Bottles, offering an expanded capacity of 3,552 cu. ft.

Our gas detection capabilities are spearheaded by a 4-Gas Monitor and further supported by six Personal H2S Monitors, a vertical monitor extension, and a RAE tube tester. These cutting-edge devices provide precise, real-time data on gas concentrations, crucial for ensuring safety in high-risk environments.

Our unit is well-equipped for respiratory protection, boasting four SCBAs and six SABAs. To ensure a perfect fit and maximum safety, we also provide a qualitative fit testing kit.

Additional standard equipment includes a wind sock for wind direction detection, two 'Danger H2S' signs, two muster point signs for effective evacuation coordination, a stretcher for emergency medical situations, a 20-LB extinguisher for fire emergencies, and an Alberta #3 First Aid Kit to cater to immediate medical needs.

Optional equipment, including an OTIS Continuous Air Monitoring System, additional gas monitors, and confined space rescue equipment, can be made available based on specific project requirements.

Every 12-hour shift is staffed by a fully trained and certified H2S Safety Supervisor. All supervisors have undergone rigorous NFPA 1001 Internationally Accredited Firefighter Training, NFPA 472 Internationally Accredited Hazardous Materials Operations Training, and specialised Supplied Air H2S Safety Supervisor Training. This ensures our team is capable of making the right decisions quickly in high-pressure situations.

In conclusion, our H2S Safety Service is an all-inclusive, high-performing solution for industries operating in hydrogen sulfide environments. We deliver safety and confidence, combining top-tier equipment with highly trained professionals ready to protect, serve, and maintain the safety of your operations.

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