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Firemen using water from hose for fire fighting at firefight training of insurance group.

Industrial Fire & Decontamination

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Our Industrial Fire and Decontamination service is a dedicated operation specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the oil and gas industry. Combining high-volume fire suppression technology with specialized decontamination measures, we are committed to ensuring the safety and environmental integrity of your industrial operations.

Our service model possesses a robust pump capacity of 3,200 liters per minute (850 gallons per minute), bolstered by a significant water reservoir of 4 cubic meters (1000 gallons). To augment this, we maintain a foam capacity of 1 cubic meter (300 gallons), making our unit well-equipped to handle a variety of fire incidents in the oil and gas sector.

We come armed with auxiliary firefighting equipment, including a 230 kg (500 lb) dry chemical extinguisher with a 45m (150 ft) hose, and two additional 9 kg (20 lb) dry chemical extinguishers. Our extensive fire hose resources comprise 152 meters (500 ft) of both 65 mm and 45 mm hoses, and a 6 meters (20 ft) 4" suction hose.

Our range of stream applicators includes three 45 mm fog nozzles, a 65 mm fog nozzle, a 65 mm smooth bore nozzle, and a ground monitor, providing an array of tools to tackle different fire scenarios effectively. Our unit also incorporates four 2216 psi aluminum tanks and two SCBA harnesses as part of the breathing apparatus, ensuring the safety of our personnel and your workforce.

Our decontamination capabilities are robust, offering three deluge overhead showers with eye wash basins to respond swiftly to any chemical exposure incidents. Our auxiliary decontamination equipment features a 9 kg (20 lb) soda ash reserve for acid neutralization, complemented by pH strips for accurate environmental assessments.

We operate on a standard staffing model of two highly-trained industrial firefighters per 12-hour shift. These professionals are specialized in handling the unique challenges presented by the oil and gas sector.

In summary, our Industrial Fire and Decontamination service is a comprehensive, rapid-response solution to fire emergencies and hazardous material incidents within the oil and gas industry. We stand ready to protect, serve, and uphold the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility in your operations.

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